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Hey, there, friend! I’m thrilled you’ve taken the time to visit my blog! I pray you’ll find this space a place of encouragement that draws you closer to the heart of Jesus.

Although I became a Christian as a young girl, I didn’t relinquish my heart to Jesus until I was in my 40’s. That’s because I was bound up in legalism, fear, and suffering a crippling case of mistaken identity. Everything I believed about people, including myself and God, was based on a painful childhood, toxic relationships, and a boatload of trash and debris I’d buried from hurt, disappointment, rejection, and unmet expectations.

But praise God, in 2012, the longing in my heart to be fully known and loved became overwhelming. That’s when I made the best decision of my life; to begin each day having breakfast with God. When His Word became the main dish in my daily diet, everything began to change. I soon discovered that although it’s impossible to make myself stop thinking stinking thoughts, I can choose to replace them with Truth, and so can you!

Sweet sister-in-Christ, no matter where you are in your journey, my goal is to inspire you to seek greater intimacy with Jesus; I yearn for you to experience a sense of peace and joy that cannot be swayed by the winds of circumstance. As a woman who’s had a taste of success by worldly standards, I promise nothing holds a candle to the unabashed delight of sharing secrets and doing life with Jesus!

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