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Finding Confidence In ChristOh, the joy of finding our confidence in Christ!  That my friend, is the key to freedom from fear and a joy-filled life unswayed by our circumstances.

My first Breakfast with God took place on August 7, 2012, and every day since that day, spending time with God each morning has been my number one priority.  Not only has my relationship with Jesus become the supreme romance of my life, I now have an unquenchable desire to read, study God’s Word, and write about my journey.

Friend, I wish I could look into your beautiful face and share how God used a single act of obedience to change me, so He became the greatest delight of my life.  And you know what, He will do it for you too!  No matter what your story, how far you think you have strayed from God, He has never left your side. He’s watching, waiting, hoping you will look His way and give Him a chance to love you as you have never been loved before.

Of all the wondrous things I have discovered in my spiritual journey, finding my confidence in Christ trumps them all.   As a result, I am on a mission to encourage, empower, and inspire others to trust God and to know who they are in Christ.

Learning to trust God means looking beyond what we can see to what He can see. We may not know how God will fulfill His promise to us, but rest assured that no matter how difficult the task or how impossible our circumstances look, He surely will.  In spite of the messes we make, God can work ALL things out for our good if we let Him. I know this is true because I see the evidence of this truth unfolding in my life every single day!

I pray you will find encouragement in the writings on this blog.  It is my heart’s greatest desire to see those I know and love come to know and love my Jesus.  That means you too, my friend!

Sending peace, love, and happiness to all!

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