halloween-makeupHalloween presents the opportunity to express our creativity through transformation. If your Halloween costume will require the use of specialty makeup there are a few important factors to consider during your costume planning process.

halloween-pigmentsQuality of makeup
It is common to see the words “non-toxic” on costume makeup products. Unfortunately, many consumers mistake the words “non-toxic” to mean that they are safe to use on the skin. This is not necessarily true as there is no legal definition for “non-toxic”. Basically, these words simply imply that the product labeled “non-toxic” does not contain any poisonous substances. Now you see where I am going with this….


Halloween makeup is not always skin-friendly, meaning, it can and often does cause irritation and/or breakouts. Using a professional quality barrier spray to protect the skin prior to applying Halloween or costume makeup can prevent possible skin issues later.

My favorite product in this category is from Mehron, a brand that has been making stage and theater makeup since 1927. Mehron’s Barrier Spray™ is a cosmetic grade film that was originally developed to be used with special effects makeup, specifically as a base for 3-D gelatin appliances. Barrier Spray is a multi-tasking product that is a staple in kits of professional makeup artists, including mine.


Barrier Spray uses:

  • Reduces sweating that can occur under makeup
  • Acts like a primer, allowing makeup to be applied evenly to the skin
  • Protects the skin from allergic reactions to makeup ingredients and latex adhesives
  • Prevents pigments from staining the skin
  • Serves as a final setting spray for makeup applications

Kelly’s pro tip: Mehron’s Barrier Spray is a must have for bridal makeup to ensure application stays put even through tears. It is also very effective when used during tattoo coverage and camouflage.


Usage: Barrier Spray is applied to clean, dry skin prior to the application of makeup. Hold the pump bottle at least 14 inches from the skin. Three sprays across the face is sufficient for adults. For children, have them hold their eyes closed with their fingers, or cover them with plastic spoons. Barrier Spray can then be sprayed on over the eyelids

Mehron products are sold online and can be found locally at Eddie’s Trick Shop and Norcostco.

Interesting fact: When WWII began, Mehron’s founder, Mehron Melik devoted his talents and expertise to helping severely disfigured soldiers learn how to use makeup products to camouflage their scars, wounds and burns. Mehron traveled from New England to Virginia for nearly 2 years visiting Veterans’ hospitals. This selfless donation of his time and talent aided hundreds of returning servicemen in picking up the pieces of their lives after the war.

Hope you have a safe and Happy Halloween!!

Sending peace, love and happiness to all,


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