Sexy Hair H2N03 dry shampoo review

SpaDelic Review of Style Sexy Hair H2NO Dry Shampoo

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Today’s post is a short accompaniment to my YouTube video review of Style Sexy Hair H2N0 Dry Shampoo.  I have very fine hair that requires frequent shampooing in order to win the daily battle with my spiral crown and two very stubborn cowlicks.  I have tried dry shampoos in the past and other than the original dry shampoo from the Sexy Hair brand, have not had much success.

In an effort to extend blow out time beyond the norm, Sexy Hair launched Hair H2N03 Dry Shampoo to prolong blow outs to 3 days.  I have found that H2N03 Dry Shampoo also makes an excellent styling tool for use on the day that I shampoo as well.  Wait until you smell the fabulous fresh scent…that combined with the gorgeous texture and volume created by this rock star of a dry shampoo will have you as hooked as me!

Section hair and apply to roots, approximately 4-5 inches from scalp.


Hi guys, I am about to head out to the gym and since I am not going to wash my hair until I return, thought I would take the opportunity to photograph how effective Style Sexy Hair H2N03 Dry Shampoo is at absorbing oil and creating volume 2 days after shampooing my fine hair.

As mentioned above and in my YouTube Video, I have a very strong spiral crown that is difficult to hide when my hair is freshly washed and next to impossible when it is dirty.  In the photo below I have not applied any of the dry shampoo and simply brushed my hair with an AMAZING Mason Pearson brush.  The oil is very visible in the crown, especially around the separation from my stubborn spiral crown.

H2No3 Day 2 before










In the next photo, I applied one application of Style Sexy Hair H2N03 Dry Shampoo and lightly brushed through:

Day 2 after 2nd application











There is an obvious improvement, right??? I still wasn’t satisfied so I sprayed Style Sexy Hair H2N03 Dry Shampoo one more time just around the spiral crown, see below…

Day 2 second application











Now, that’s what I’m looking for!

Let the photos speak for themselves…Style Sexy Hair H2N03 Dry Shampoo is the BOMB and will be a staple in my beauty bag to ensure that I can create the illusion of freshly shampooed and styled hair without the effort of daily shampooing.

To purchase Style Sexy Hair H2N03, visit your local professional salon that retails Sexy Hair products or simply purchase from my website, by clicking here: Style Sexy Hair H2N03 Dry Shampoo

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Sexy Hair products are sold in professional salons as well as my website, for $18.95.

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