The most common beauty look during the era of the 1920’s showcased long, fluttery eyelashes that were enhanced with cake mascara and eyeliner.  Nails were painted red in a style known as the moon manicure which featured color from the middle of the nail bed to the tip, leaving the half-moon void of color.

The “cupid’s bow” lipstick trend was born and inspired by silver screen siren, Clara Bow.  Red lipstick was applied to the upper lip above the natural lip line exaggerating the curve of the upper lip, now known as the cupids bow.  Lip color was then applied to the lower lip beyond the center of the bottom lip line in an exaggerated manner.  Color did not extend to the edges or sides of the lips but stopped short making lips appear to be somewhat puckered when the face was at rest.cupid's-bow

In 1926 Helena Rubinstein launched “Cupid’s Bow” lipstick once again confirming the magnitude of Clara Bow’s influence on the use and development of cosmetics. Cupid’s Bow was advertised as a self-shaping lipstick designed to form a perfect cupid’s bow during application.
helena-rubenstein-cupids bow lipstick

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