Promised Land

As believers in Christ, we have a divine purpose and personal Promised Land given to us by God.

I am on the ministry team for Life in Sweet Abandon Ministries, a non-profit women’s ministry with the mission to inspire single and single again women to trust God and live in the fullness of our identity in Christ.  In January, we created Delighting in God’s Truth with LiSA, a Facebook group of more than 100 women, committed to reading the entire Bible in 2019.  Each day, we read 5 pages of scripture from the NLT Chronological Life Application Study Bible

Joshua chosen by God to lead the Israelites into the Promised Land of Canaan

Joshua 1:1 was my starting point this morning and I found myself captivated within the first 5 minutes of reading.  The chapter opens with God confirming with Joshua that He was being entrusted with the task of leading the Israelites into the promised land of Canaan.   In verse three He reiterates that the promise He had made to Moses is also His promise to Joshua:

“…I promise you what I promised Moses: ‘Wherever you step foot, you will be on land I have given you…”

Did you catch the verb tense in verse?  have given you… “ clearly states the Israelites already owned the area of land God promised to give them.  But, when we read this verse in it’s entirety, the context reveals this promise to be a conditional promise, not an absolute promise.

In order for the Israelites to “possess and occupy” the land, they would have to “be strong and courageous” and fight for it.  God was commanding them to “step foot” onto the land that was rightly theirs with confidence.  To trust in the victory that the Lord promised because He was with them and would not fail them or abandon them.

Like the Israelites, we tend to have selective hearing when it comes to some of the promises the Lord makes to us in His Word.  We see the part He says He will do but quickly bypass our involvement in the process.  Although God could easily give us whatever He wants us to have, He knows there are some things we could not maintain ownership of without spiritual strength.

If we want to take hold of all the blessings and favor the Lord wants to give to us, we have to have a real relationship with Him and personal knowledge and understanding of His will for us.  The only way we gain this knowledge and understanding is through reading and mediating on God’s Word.  The more we meditate on it and study it, the more deeply it becomes planted in our hearts and our minds. (Joshua 1:7-9)

Sometimes it hard to connect at a heart level with what we are reading in the Bible.  Although we don’t have to remember the whole Bible word for word, we do need to have clear understanding of what God is saying to us in His Word when we read it.  One thing that has vastly opened the eyes of my heart is praying before I read God’s Word each day.  In my prayer, I specifically ask the Lord to empower me through His Holy Spirit to have spiritual vision.  To give me wisdom and understanding to know what He is saying to me in His Word.

It is mind-blowing how the scriptures come to life when we are empowered by God’s Spirit living inside of us.  Once His Word takes root in our hearts, it can take hold of our minds to produce right thoughts and right actions.  Then, we will prosper and succeed in everything we do because our will and His will are in agreement and we are living a Spirit Led life.

Sending peace, love & happiness to all!

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Joshua and the Promised Land

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