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How do we find rest in the hectic holiday season?

For many of us, the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays rouse a sense of busyness and anxiety that undermines our ability to rest. The truth is, all of us are vulnerable to feelings of being overwhelmed by life events or circumstances. But, if you are a believer in Christ, I have good news for you: Rest is not only possible; it is a divine promise!

The Bible is literally filled with God’s promises to bear our burdens and provide rest when we make seeking Him our highest priority in life. When we make God’s Word, the first words we hear each day, we become inspired with hope and are divinely equipped to respond in faith to the challenges that occur throughout the day.

After taking a break from writing, the Lord is reigniting my passion. Nothing thrills me more than reading, studying, and sharing the things God teaches me in His Word. Today, His word resonated with a specific need in my heart and, most likely, yours as well. R-E-S-T, rest.

Finding our place

The word “rest” can be found nineteen times in Hebrews 3:11 to 4:11. This “rest” God is speaking of is a divine place of rest that is not contingent upon our circumstances. Instead, it is a by-product of our spiritual intimacy, trust, and belief in Him and the truth of His Word.

In these passages, the writer quotes from Psalm 25, recounting the story of the Israelite’s forty years lost and wandering in the desert. Instead of taking possession of the land of promise, the people of Israel chose to disregard God’s instructions and let their fear overshadow their faith. Consequently, they forfeited their inheritance and died without ever stepping foot onto the ground God had prepared for them IN ADVANCE.

We have an opportunity to learn from the Israelite’s tragic mistakes. If we let doubt about God’s promises, lack of trust in His power, or rejection of His love overtake us, we could forfeit the good things God has planned for us. Throughout the Bible, we learn that God’s ways with his children include three stages: deliverance, development, and destiny.

Deliverance, development, and destiny

Stage one, deliverance. God set the people of Israel free from Egyptian slavery and bondage. As believers in Christ, our deliverance stage takes place when we are born again in Christ. Christ delivered us but His involvement with us doesn’t end there.

Development is the second stage where Christ brings us into a deeper relationship with himself. This stage of development includes the trials and tests of life. Most of the Israelites never made it to this stage because they would not trust God to provide for them. Don’t miss the most critical point here: It is only when God comes through for us in tough times that we experience the blessings of trusting Him.

The final stage is destiny, God’s ultimate point of destination for us. But, it’s a process that requires all three phases. We can’t skip development and expect to reach our divine destiny. Remember, God swore that the people would not enter His rest (Hebrews 3:11). The “rest” is a way of referring to their inheritance. He promised to give the people the land of Canaan. But because of their continual rebellion, they forfeited that inheritance.

Our inheritance

Every child of God has received an inheritance and a calling for our lives that are unique to us. A divine place that God predestined for us to walk in while we are living in God’s Kingdom here on earth. Our area of purpose in this life that not only provides a feeling of divine rest but also a passion and fire in our hearts we have never felt before.

So with this in mind, let’s decide not to let the difficulties of the present moment overshadow the reality of God’s promises for our lives. Let’s keep our eyes on the prize and persevere in this pursuit of faith. Because what waits for us at the finish line, what God has purposed for our lives, blows the doors off any dream or desire we could ever ask for or imagine!

Sending peace, love, and happiness to all!

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