worship like starsHow do the stars worship God?

To answer this question, let’s refer to the Hebrew word for worship, שָׁחָה shâchâh, which means to bow down in reverence, especially in showing honor to God. Worship is a continual stance of posture that brings honor and glory to God. Thus, the stars worship God by:

  1. The star never waivers from the position God put them until He sends them someplace else (a/k/a shooting star!)
  2. A star’s light never dims because the source of their energy comes from within. Stars don’t have to rely on anything outside of themselves to be all God created them to be, and so should we. Love, accept, and embrace who we are in Christ; His grace is sufficient.
  3. Stars shine brightest in the dark, and so should we. When people see how God’s love sustains us during turbulent times, our lives become a testimony that shines a light of hope into others who may be suffering too.

How can you bring light into the life of another today in a way that shows glory to God’s love in you?

Sending peace, love, and prayers for all!

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