Let go so you can receive

Let go so you can receive

“What if the worst parts of your life are actually gateways to the very best parts you’d never want to do without?” Lysa TerKeurst

In 2016, I suffered the most unexpected and devastating betrayal of my life. I seriously thought I would die from the relentless stabbing of pain I felt in my heart.

I cried out to God, I begged and pleaded with Him to “fix” this. Much like an attorney presents his facts of precedence to sway a jury, I prayed God’s promises back to Him. Doing all I could to get Him to deliver the outcome to my circumstances that I desired.  I couldn’t understand why He wouldn’t answer why He wouldn’t do what He had done for others in the same situation. Although I couldn’t see it at the time, God was creating a new and better plan for my life.

How to let go

When we have been abused and betrayed by someone we love and trust, there is nothing we can do to ease the pain. Thankfully, God knows the exact remedy to soothe our shattered hearts. Our part is to lay our hurts at His feet and rest in Him while He orchestrates a new path for us.

God graciously led me through the desert and into a safe environment free from fear of rejection. A place where the soil was rich and fertile, divinely designed to produce a great harvest of love.

In my season of suffering, God led me to sow a seed when a friend was in need. Childcare for her newborn son, Asher, fell through at the last minute, and she asked me for help. Had my marriage not fallen apart, I would never have said yes. Oh, what a blessing I would have missed!  Literally, Asher, whose name means “blessed, happy,” is one of the greatest gifts God has ever given me.  I have many memories where God’s presence was so close, I could feel His breath on my neck as He whispered,

“Kelly, do you see how you are holding this baby?  Do you feel how relaxed he is in your arms?  Imagine that this is you, resting upon my chest while I am singing a lullaby to your heart.  Rest, let me love you and heal your broken heart.  I promise you, My child, I have plans to prosper you and not to harm you.  Plans to give you a hope and a future.  But, first, you must trust Me and let go of the things that happened but didn’t last.  Let go of the pain, let go of the bitterness; let go of the resentment so there will be plenty of room for me to grow the most beautiful garden you will ever see.  Before I can rescue you, you have to let go of what is holding you back.”

Sending peace, love, and prayers to all!

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