How could they have such wimpy faith? Unlike us, the Israelite’s had visible evidence of God’s presence, power, and desire to care for them. I would never doubt God with such an astounding display of His faithfulness in my life.

Immediately, the Holy Spirit reminds me of the countless times I’ve viewed my troubles through a lens of fear rather than faith in God.

I sigh. How easily we forget God’s goodness to us in the past when we face a new challenge in our present.

Maybe you struggle with doubt sometimes too, and that’s okay. If not for God’s grace, we’d all find ourselves drowning in a sea of guilt over our failure to trust in Him.

Doubt is nothing more than a natural response to a lack of confidence in ourselves. But, there is a guaranteed solution to our doubts – align our certainty in the trustworthiness of God.

When we record God’s wondrous works in our past, it gives us something tangible to hold onto in the future. That’s why I keep a hand-written account of my daily struggles, prayers, and details in how God reveals His faithfulness. With thirty-plus journals chronicling close to a decade of answered prayer, I have a personal treasure chest of fulfilled promises. An in-depth history of God’s past faithfulness that assures me, because He did it for me yesterday, He will do it for me again today.

Do you keep track of the prayers you submit to God? If not, I encourage you to start today. Before long, you will see a pattern of reliability emerge that becomes a solid foundation of trust in the only One who is trustworthy.

Sending love, peace, and happiness to all!

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