Since the beginning of the year, the Lord has echoed His message of “trust without fear” in my heart. Day by day trust, not security for tomorrow kind of trust.
Jesus says trust me

“Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust in me. . .
John 14:1-3

As a lamp shines in the dark, He is providing just enough light to illuminate the path before me and challenging me to live in gratitude for all that I have today. Calling me out on my tendency to run ahead of Him and pick up my worries for tomorrow, today.
In the same way, the Lord taught the Israelites to trust Him when He provided their daily bread while in the desert, He is teaching me. Is He trying to teach this to you, as well?  The Bible tells us that it is the desire of the Lord for His children to experience the gift of peace. (Phil 4:7). The peace of God that surpasses all human understanding. A peace that is birthed out of utter dependence and confidence that He will supply ALL of our needs.
God is a loving and creative God that also delights in surprising His children. Not only is He teaching me to trust Him to provide my needs but also to appreciate the mystery in the way He fills the need. The more I let go, and really trust Him when it’s hard, the more He goes out of His way to show me His glory in ways I could never have imagined! He will do this for you too my sweet friend…
I challenge you to set a goal for yourself for the next 31 days. Before your feet hit the floor each morning, take a moment to thank God for the gift of today. Tell Him you want to trust Him, you want to live the confident life He created you to live. Then, admit your inability to do this on your own and ask Him to help you.
If fear is an obstacle for you, I would like to help you. Because I have lived the majority of life, in fear of the “what if’s” in life; I know how discouraging and defeating it can be. That is why I have chosen the topic of fear to write about on my blog during the month of October. Each Monday, I will share a short devotion on fear and Biblical truth that applies to fear. You will also have the option to listen to a podcast of my message.
Worshiping the Lord through song is another way to receive strength and encouragement. Join me on “Worship Wednesdays” as we listen to music selected to inspire and encourage us. Let’s stand together and send fear packing so we can enjoy the victory that is ours through Christ.
Sending peace, love and happiness to all!
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