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mystery of Christ

If you enjoy reading mysteries but aren’t reading the Bible, you’re missing out on the greatest mystery of all time. In the OT days, there were many truths hidden and later revealed in the NT called mysteries. The Greek word musterion is found 27 times in the NT and means “secrets” or “mysteries” but not in the sense of being unknown. Rather, hidden truths known only by God that He reveals at a predetermined time and for a specific purpose.

The ultimate mystery revealed

Before Jesus, having the title and privilege of being a child of God was dictated by birthright. But in Ephesians, the apostle Paul demolishes the old way of thinking when he reveals the mystery of Christ – the greatness of God streams from Jesus into the hearts of EVERY person – both Jew and Gentile.

As you can imagine, this glorious news rocked the Jewish culture and belief system, sparking great controversy; hence Paul writes this letter to new believers in the Asian Minor territory from a Roman prison cell. When false prophets claiming to be in authority were threatening new believers’ security in Jesus, they didn’t have the gift of God’s Word breathed onto paper. So, Paul offers encouragement through his letter, reminding the believers who they were in Christ and the inexhaustible resources available to them through Him.

Redemption in Christ brings:

  • A limitless supply of God’s grace (Rom 5:20)
  • Forgiveness of sin (Matt 26:28; Acts 13:38-39; Ep. 4:32; Col 2:13; 1 John 1:9)
  • Divinely-bestowed spiritual understanding.

Spiritual understanding

What Paul’s referring to here goes beyond human understanding (Prov 3:5-4); it’s divinely inspired wisdom that is only available to a mind captivated with Christ. He desperately wants us to grasp that divine revelation depends upon a continually deepening intimacy in our relationship with Jesus and a spiritual diet filled with God’s Word. Notice how Paul stresses his point again before revealing the ultimate mystery of our new life in Jesus:

As you read what I have written, you will understand my insight into this plan regarding Christ. (Ephesians 3:4 NLT)

Friend, I so wish I could look you in the eyes and share the many ways God’s proven His faithfulness in my life. There’ve been obstacles so enormous that people told me I’d be crazy to think they would move – and yet, God faithfully moved them. But here’s the most critical part, I’d missed all the evidence had I not had my nose in His Book while earnestly seeking His face. When we get serious about seeking Jesus, when we want Him more than we want anything else, He’ll make sure we’re not disappointed!

Sending love, peace, and prayers to all!

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