Earnest prayer of a righteous person moves mountains

The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results. James 5:16b NLT

James 5:16 bursts with promise until I get to the word righteous, which conjures up an image of perfection – a state that I’m keenly aware that I am NOT despite my earnest efforts.

Thankfully, God doesn’t expect perfection, nor is it in context with this passage. The Hebrew word translated as righteous refers to those who have conditioned their lives by a standard that is not theirs but God’s.

  • A righteous woman is in right standing with God, not because of her efforts but because she respects God’s authority over her life, and it shows. Not just in the way she lives her life but also in her personal and private prayer life.
  • A righteous woman’s earnest prayers move mountains because they reflect a spirit of humility, distrust in her abilities, and confident hope and expectation in the goodness and grace of her God. It’s saying, “Lord, I can’t, but you can!” trusting that God can and will answer her prayers in the way that He knows is best.

Friend, your God feels that burden on your heart, and He wants you to know that it’s not supposed to live there. Surrender it to the Lord in prayer and leave it there. Ask Him to lead you in His way, and teach you how to trust and abide in His Word so He can be your Burden-bearer and Mountain mover.

Sending love, peace, and prayers to all!

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