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I love my foam roller!

Have you used a foam roller before? Foam rolling, a/k/a self-myofascial release is an effective way to release muscle tightness and increase range of motion. In other words, foam rolling is a way to give yourself a deep tissue massage. Foam rollers are especially helpful to break up scar tissue that has occurred from chronic overuse and/or injuries. Foam rolling also helps the body to recover after a work out by breaking up scar tissue and adhesions to speed the healing process.

How foam rolling cured chronic knee pain

I discovered foam rolling about two years ago when I began to experience knee pain as a result of playing too much tennis. At first I was concerned that I had something serious such as a torn meniscus. I tried icing, wearing a knee brace and every other measure I could find to reduce the pain. It wasn’t until my husband, (at that time my boyfriend,) suggested that I try using his foam roller. I was skeptical to say the least but given my next step was to see an orthopedist, I figured I would give it a shot. I am extremely grateful that I did as foam rolling has literally changed my life! If I am diligent and roll before and after a tennis match I rarely experience any knee pain. In the past I would have a hard time walking without pain. What I finally figured out through tons or research combined with trial and error is the knee pain was being caused by an inflamed trigger point in a muscle in my quads, the vastus medialis.  This also resulted in inflammation and swelling on the inner knee called, Pes anserinus bursitis


Trigger points in Vastus Medialis

The foam roller has now become my best friend. I have had success in treating all types of muscular aches and pains, including tennis elbow by using a particular foam roller, called the GRID. The GRID foam roller collection is designed with a 3-dimensional pattern that allows tissue to aerate while you roll. This promotes an increase in the flow of blood and oxygen to the area being treated, encouraging repair to muscles and tissue.


GRID foam roller technology


We have two of the GRID foam rollers at home, the GRID 2 foam roller and the GRID mini foam roller. I love to use the GRID mini to align my spine by placing in on the floor and rolling up the center of the spine. It has worked extremely well to maintain healthy spinal care and reduced frequency to the chiropractor from weekly to every 3 to 4 months!  The GRID 2 foam roller is the way I roll every other part of my body. Although you can use the mini, I find it easier to use the larger one as it covers more area of the body. The mini is designed for travel hence the smaller size.  See how the GRID foam rollers work here:

GRID foam roller

GRID 2.0 and GRID mini foam rollers


The GRID foam rollers were designed by Cassidy Phillips, a biomechanical specialist concentrating on sports performance, injury prevention, and the muscular structure that supports the efforts of the body in motion. Mr. Phillips began researching trigger point therapy after he was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, a muscular dysfunction. His personal desire to continue his athleticism was the driving desire behind the research and creation of TriggerPoint Performance Therapy and the entire GRID foam roller collection. To learn more about Cassidy Phillips and TriggerPoint Performance visit:

I have tried using the basic foam rollers at the gym and have found the GRID foam rollers to be my favorite.  I highly recommend foam rolling to promote a happy and healthy lifestyle!!

Sending peace, love & happiness to all!


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