Seek God first

LORD, in the morning, you will hear me; in the morning, I will present my case to you and then wait expectantly for an answer. ~Psalm 5:3 NET

Sustaining joy comes our way when we seek God first each day!

King David illustrates the importance of earnest prayer and acknowledging our dependence upon God as the true sovereign King over all. The more desperate the circumstances, the more urgent it is to begin each day seeking God’s intervention and watching expectantly for Him to answer.

Not only will this habit strengthen our relationship with God, but it will also create a greater awareness of His nearness and unconditional love for us. When we take our cares and concerns to God before our minds become jumbled with problems, He enables us to operate from His strength rather than our weaknesses. In doing this, we also strengthen our relationships with those closest to us because we are no longer looking and expecting them to “complete us.”

Regular communication helps any relationship, and it certainly builds a stronger relationship with God. So talk to God regularly and honestly. Start doing so as soon as you wake up in the morning. He is interested even in our groaning. Do you make time to pray and read God’s Word each day?

Precious God, make my day! Show, move, and lead me in your way.  Fill me with compassion, purpose and awe.  Allow your overflow to touch everyone I encounter  so that together, we’ll make their day better too.

Sending peace, love, and prayers to all!

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